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Hongda Group 28m Pump Car

Recently, we learned that the HTD5160THB-28/4 concrete pump truck, which was independently developed and manufactured by the Science and Technology Research Institute of Shandong Hongda Construction Industry Group Co., Ltd., was offline. After inspection, testing and on-site construction inspection, the overall technical indicators have reached the relevant national standards, thus adding a new generation of small pumping trucks to the Hongda Construction Machinery Series.
Hongda New Generation Small Concrete Pump Truck integrates high reliability, economy, safety and durability. It adopts power sharing technology of transfer box and electric control commutation pumping technology. It has flexible and fast boom expansion, small foot space and convenient vehicle movement. This type of pump truck has high outlet pressure and large volume of pumpers. It is an ideal construction equipment for new rural construction, high-speed railway, beam yard, bridge, tunnel, airport, port, indoor construction and other occasions. Its 10 main performance characteristics meet the new needs of customers:
1. The chassis of Dongfeng EQ1168GSZ4DJ special pump truck is adopted. Its appearance is elegant and chic, driving comfort, strong power (240HP), economical, fuel-saving, reliable and durable.
2. The width of the whole vehicle is 2350mm, the wheelbase is 5100mm, the width of the front leg is 5600mm, the width of the rear leg is 4800mm, and the length of the front and rear leg is 6050mm. Especially suitable for new rural construction, high-speed rail, beam yard, bridges, tunnels, airports, ports, indoor construction and other occasions.
3. The power system adopts the power sharing technology of the transfer box, which has stable and reliable performance and is equipped with automatic throttle, and has good fuel economy.
4. Hydraulic components adopt German Rexroth pumps and valves. Pumping capacity has stepless regulation function, which can be applied to the requirements of different pumping capacity.
5. The control system is controlled by PLC. The main electrical components are Siemens, LG, Schneider and other brand products. Pumping speed can be adjusted freely in a fixed interval, which can meet the requirements of actual working conditions and achieve the purpose of saving fuel consumption. At the same time, the system uses true color touch screen display, which can display all kinds of information of the system in real time, including engine speed, pumping time, pumping times and various states of the system. At the same time, when a fault occurs in a part of the system, the fault content will be displayed on the touch screen immediately through information collection and judgment, and the processing scheme will be displayed, which can tell the user how to solve the problem immediately and ensure the smooth operation of pumping.
6. All operations can be realized by proximity control and wireless remote control. Two sets of independent operating devices ensure reliability and safety.
7. Use S-type reversing valve, carbide eyeglasses plate and cutting ring, and equipped with rubber spring can automatically compensate end clearance to ensure good sealing performance.
8. Stirring has the function of automatic inversion, which can remove the stuck phenomenon of aggregate in time.
9. Equipped with 8Mpa high pressure cleaning system, the vehicle is clean, fast and convenient.
10. The hopper and the concrete cylinder are lubricated by centralized grease, and the pump is lubricated. The service life of vulnerable parts is effectively improved.

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